Grid R & D Career Opportunities


Inclusive work place

At Grid R&D, we are dedicated to fostering an inclusive workplace that empowers every individual to thrive and accomplish their personal and professional aspirations. We recognize that an inclusive environment allows us to embrace the diversity of our workforce, including their unique backgrounds and perspectives. By leveraging the diverse talents and experiences of our people, we can collaboratively develop innovative and effective business solutions that lead to success.


Take your career further

At Grid R&D, we actively encourage talented individuals to join us in shaping a brighter future. We offer a wide range of opportunities for personal and professional growth, providing an environment that supports work-life balance. We believe in fostering a culture that enables continuous development, allowing individuals to thrive and progress in their careers. Join us at Grid R&D and become part of a team dedicated to creating a better tomorrow.


Build Future Together

At Grid R&D, we provide a dynamic and inspiring work environment where you can explore your passions and have your talents nurtured and cultivated. We offer exciting opportunities to innovate with cutting-edge technologies on diverse and impactful projects. Our focus on continuous learning and growth ensures that you stay ahead of the curve and make a meaningful difference in the world. If you are seeking bright career opportunities in technologies like Oracle, SAP, Pegasus, and Salesforce, and want to contribute to the future of SaaS, IaaS, and PaaS models, Grid R&D is the ideal place for you. Join us and unleash your potential to reach new heights of success.