Mobile Application


Android Apps Development

Grid R&D provides full-fledged Android app development solution for your business ideas using latest Android technologies across multiple operating systems. As one of the top mobile apps development companies in India, we have developed numerous Android apps using the best technologies in the industry. We are fortunate to have such an experienced & awesome team they breath coding. We have developed applications ranging from location based apps using GPS to OCR to payment gateway integration & much more.


Delivery App Development

Whether you need a large-scale or small-scale solution, Mindster has you covered. Transform your fuel delivery business into a remarkable success with our expertly developed gas delivery app or fuel delivery service tailored to your specific requirements. Our comprehensive app includes dedicated portals for users, service providers, and gas/fuel station owners. If you operate a multi-scale gas/fuel company, we can design applications to streamline and monitor your fuel business effectively. At Mindster, we specialize in creating feature-rich and user-friendly mobile applications, backed by our team of passionate and experienced tech geeks who excel in their craft. With our years of industry expertise, you can trust us to deliver an insurance of high-quality and cutting-edge fuel delivery app that meets all your needs and exceeds your expectations.


Marketing E-Commerce Apps

Our custom-built auto-scalable eCommerce system offers several standout features. It is designed to handle scale efficiently through the use of scalable APIs, durable storage, powerful distributed databases, and CDNs. Speed is a top priority in our architecture, ensuring a seamless user experience and maximizing the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts. You have complete control over your UI/UX designs, with each element custom-designed to captivate your audience. Hosting fees are optimized based on your success, as the system dynamically adjusts its resources according to the load, eliminating the need for idle servers.


Android Apps Design

Designing an app that is compatible with a wide range of Android devices and screen sizes is crucial in today's market. At Grid R&D, we prioritize the diverse needs of your customers and ensure that our app designs cater to each Android device they use. Our dedicated team of UI and UX Android app designers in India are passionate about creating visually stunning apps that your customers will love to use and share with others. Trust Grid R&D, India's leading Android app design company, to design your path to mobile success.